Senin, 20 Juni 2016


Know Our dean and Faculty of Humanities 
Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

Mr. Bambang Lelono is the first dean in Faculty of humanities in Universitas Jendral Soedirman. To be as a dean, Mr. Bambang Lelono should compete with his wife because she was also as a candidate as a dean. He is one of the fighters who support Faculty of humanities was established. Before Faculty of Humanities was established, it was one of the programs in Social and Politic Faculty. Actually it isn’t related between Program of Humanities and Social and Politic Faculty, so it made the officials in Program of Humanities fight to make Program of Humanities became Faculty. Finally, when Program of Humanities becomes Faculty, the officials and the students of  Faculty of Humanities were very happy and there are many new things that have to be faced especially for the official of Faculty of Humanities. Mr. Bambang Lelono as a dean should manage everything in this faculty because he is as a leader. To organize the official in this new Faculty is not really easy for dean because he and the officials should have a system to make it work well. They also have to adapt with new conditions that have to manage Faculty themselves. It was not like when it became the division of Social and Politic Faculty that the officials were depends on. Mr. Bambang Lelono said that the performances of the officials in Faculty of Humanities are not efficient and maximum yet, because need process to manage it. To give a good services dean give test to the officials that under 45 years old from every position. This test is to know their skill and to manage the organization structure, that test is also the strategy by the dean to organize the officials. Dean also have to arrange the organization structure well, Mr. Bambang Lelono said “To choose the official to be occupied in every position in Faculty of Humanities are from the assessment that were accumulated from the test and personal attitude.”  It was very hard for dean to arrange it, because it needs the best choice in order to the system in Faculty of Humanity can work well.
Beside the dean should manage the official, he also have to manage the collegian students. Nowadays, there are so many collegian students that do a demonstration because of the bill is increase and Mr. Bambang said “ It is actually because they do not know about the real and it is just misunderstanding. They also do not ask to me the reason why it is increase, if they know the real may be they will realize that actually it is the policy of the government.”
There are so many things that should be overcame by Mr. Bambang as a dean. However this dad of 2 sons is not lose their time with his family because his sons actually have been work in Bogor and Jakarta. Luckily, Mr. Bambang has a wife that always supports his carrier. His wife is also work in the same faculty, so they can have a good quality time in their working place.

Selasa, 24 Mei 2016

book report


The novel about a case of Nancy and the author of the book is John Milne that was published in 2003 by Dian Rakyat. This book has 61 pages and the title is The Case of The Lonely Lady. This novel is good and the language is easy to understand with some illustrated in the novel make the reader more and more interested and can imagine the situation but the novel actually doesn’t tell clearly about the some accident. In this novel there are some characters. First, Nancy is the lonely woman that hasn’t many friends. Second, Mr. Jone liked to lie and carry away someone’s treasure. Third is Isobel that has good skill in acting. Fourth, Terry is ambitious and he is very kind and let see the summary in the below.
There is a lady that very lonely, she was born in 1943 and she hadn’t sister or brother. She was school in India and when she was graduated, she felt very lonely.
In 1970 Nancy and her parents moved to Cheltenham England. Then, her mother died several days later her father also died. When she was forty-six and she hadn’t work, fortunately her parents had left money. Then she decided to get holiday to East-Bourne. There, Nancy stayed at the small hotel. Then she has friend, Isobel. Isobel is forty-six years old it’s same with Nancy. They became a close friend and one day Isobel’s brother came to the East Bourne and Nancy met with him, his name is Mr. Hendry Jone. He was widower, Mr. Jone and Nancy became closer and closer at the some moments they often tandem. Nancy told about her stories to Mr. Jone and he asked to Nancy to marry with him. Before they were getting married, Mr. Jone went to Hasting because he had some business. A week later Nancy and Isobel went to Hasting. There, Nancy and Mr. Jone were marrying quietly because they wanted it nobody knew about their engaged. Then they went to Mr. Jone’s house at the 12 Oakwood Avenue and when they arrived, Mr. Jone made a drink to Nancy that actually could made Nancy felt so sleepy. When Nancy woke up she was in the room where the windows and the door were closed and looked. Then she couldn’t out from the room. Nancy realized that there was something wrong with her husband and Isobel. Mr. Jone would to sell his house and Nancy heard Mr. Jone and somebody were talking about the house. Then Nancy shouted “help! help! help!” loudly but nobody heard. Mr. Jone locked Nancy in the room because he wanted to carry away her treasure that was actually left by her parents.
Then the people who were talking with Mr. Jone went back to her home. She is Sheila; she helped people who wanted to buy or sold their house. When she arrived at her home, she told to her partner about her experienced at the 12 Oakwood that heard somebody asked help. He is Terry and he had job in building society. He has ambition to be a private investigator. When Sheila told about someone who shouted help at the 12 Oakwood, he was very interested to investigate it. Then Terry began his investigation and he found many thing the arouse suspicion. He used many ways to get the facts. The milkman and the paper boy that usually passed the home also helped Terry to open the fact. Then Terry successful to opened the case and he could made Nancy out from the room save Nancy. Terry also could send Mr. Jone and Isobel that actually they were a couple to the jail.

Selasa, 19 April 2016

Short Story

Your Treasure

In the early morning, he wake up and open his eyes. His name is Handoko, he had two young sisters. He came from the poor parents, his mother was the farmer and his father was joblessness. Concernedly, they worked hard in order to could be still alive it made them didn’t have reasons to be happy. The economic problem was the main problem of their misery.
In the living room at the night, Handoko’s mother cry out loudly to her husband “why you do not do anything! You just can drunker! What should I do for you?!”
Then, handoko’s father deals a blow his wife. Day in day out the fracas always happened. A gone cone come to Handoko, the fracas of his parents made him really sad. The miracle came to Handoko because in the sadden family’s condition, he could finish his study in Senior High School, compared with his young sisters that just could finish their study in elementary school.
Handoko said to his Mom “Mom, let me go away to change my fortune, who knows that I will be a rich man”.
Mom replied “Are you sure to leave your mother here? If you are sure, just let’s go”
Handoko had strong conviction so he decided to go to Bali and in there his brightness brought him to get the job easily. He worked as a tour guide and he every month transferred money to his family in hometown. One year later he decided to continue his study to the University. During his study in the university he lived with the thoughtfulness and 4 years left he graduated from university with a subject business economic. He though that his job as the tour guide was not gave him much money so he went to Kalimantan and there, he work as the staff in the business coal. His career was always up constantly so it made the prosperity came to his family and he had so much hectares rice field in hometown. One time Handoko had planned to establish a coal business himself and his planned materialized. The grade of his business always went up. He was 33 years old but he was still single, when Handoko went to Jakarta to do some business there, he met with a beautiful actress and they were acquaintance, her name is Stefani. Their relationship became closer and they were marrying. Three years left and their marriage got problem. That because of Handoko had busy schedule in his business.
When Handoko arrived at the home, Stefani said angrily “why you came home? Do you remember if you have a wife and house?”
Handoko that just arrived at the home replied “it was really surprising me, you angry with me, you cry out? Don’t you realize that I work for you! For your necessity! I am very tired to get everything for you and you dissipate the money for shopping and buy everything that is not important!”
Then his wife went away to her hometown. During 3 years their relationship was unclear. Handoko didn’t want to divorce his wife because he thought that if they were divorcee so his treasure will be shared with her but he still gave Stefani money every month. Then, the loneliness always came every night to Handoko and when he went to Jakarta, he met again with pretty actress that now she becomes his wife and her name is Maya. Before they got married, Maya always gave advice patiently to Handoko that now he decided to divorce Stefani and share his treasure. After Maya got married with Handoko, she left her job as an actress and now she becomes a housewife. Now, Handoko becomes a good husband that can organize his time to his job and his family wisely and he more gave his care to his family in hometown.

Minggu, 10 April 2016

Just Watch It

Funny Animation Movie

It is time for me to tell you about what the best movie that can be the solution for you to be watched after get tired activities. Actually, I don’t really like to watch movie and I watch movie just when I really want to watching movie and when I am free. I like comedy movie and also horror movie those are really entertaining. It is like the movie film that I will tell to you. The movie film is combination between horror and comedy and it is the animation movie. If you have free times or need something that entertaining, you can watch the movie film that I will recommend. 

Well, I will tell you about the movie that I recommend and the title is Hotel Transylvania 2. This is the great movie that I ever saw and I give four stars to this movie because it is really entertaining and it can make me laugh. Hotel Transylvania 2 is animation movie that come out in 2015 and the movie is directed by Genddy Tartakovsky and produced by Sony picture animation. Like I said before, the movie genre is comedy and horror, but it is dominated with comedy. Well, I will tell you the story about this film briefly. The main character in the movie is Dracula he is a vampire. He is the leader of many zombies and monsters that live in the Hotel Transylvania. He is also the single father and has a daughter, her name is Mavis. Her daughter marries with human and his name is Jonathan and it is called Johnny. Mavis give a birth, it means that the Dracula becomes grandpa. Dracula really loves his grandson and his name is Dennis. Mavis as Dennis’ mother wants Dennis to become a human but the Dracula wants his grandson become the vampire like him. Actually, Dennis will become a vampire or human when he is 5 years old and now he is 2 years old. The Dracula really waits for Dennis’ fangs are growing. Dracula try to do many ways to make Dennis’ fangs grow, he also gives Johnny work to invite Mavis to back to Johnny’s village for several times and the Dracula will try to make Dennis’ fangs grow. Then, when Mavis and Johnny go to California and Dennis still stay with his grandpa in Transylvania. Then, Dracula and some monsters take Dennis to a rough hall to teach him how to become a monster so it can make his fangs grow. However, Dracula is failed to make Dennis’ fangs grow, instead his plans make confusion that almost make Dennis injure. Then, Mavis knows that the safety of Dennis in dangerous so she decides to go back to Transylvania and she is mad with her father. Finally, when Dennis 5 years old, his fangs are growing so he becomes a vampire.

Ok guys, this is a great movie because this movie looks like horror movie but actually it is far from the frightfulness, this movie is a comedy animation movie because when I watch this movie I can see many jokes scene that make me laugh. I also really love to watch the expression from every character, like the scene when the Dracula’s face is sad when Mavis decide to move, that was really make me feel sad and the Mavis’ expression when know her father make Dennis in danger. There are also so many funnies expression that support this film, like when the monster jelly ride the scooter and when Dracula and other monsters are fly with the jelly monster. The music in the film also really makes me follow the movement and the soundtrack really makes my feeling up and down follow the scene. The animation in the film also really natural and it is also supported with the wonderful colors. I really love this animation movie and it is really entertaining so I very enjoy watching it.